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A Little About Bryan...

“Going the Extra Mile”

Whether you’re buying or selling a home (or both), your success hinges upon your real estate agent’s expert advice and services. You want your agent to be a friend that’s shopping with you, not a salesperson shopping for you.
As an agent at Lifespace, a boutique brokerage in Pittsburgh, I’ve committed to providing you the best experience in your real estate journey. I’ve surrounded myself with the best in the industry so that I can bring you a vast array of knowledge. At Lifespace, we believe in the old adage “relationships over transactions”.
Whether you’re browsing, looking to sell, or want to stop renting, I’m here to go the extra mile and help you accomplish your real estate goals.
Reach out today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now and experience what it’s like to shop real estate with your friend, Bryan, with a “Y”!


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